19 octubre, 2017


Many of today's most intelligent political theorists, often ones with rich activist experiences, regard the problematic of organization as a festering wound that remains from past defeats. They agree in general and in theory that organization is necessary, but seem to have a visceral reaction to any actual political organization. You can taste in their writing a hint of bitterness from dashed hopes --from inspiring liberation movements that were thwarted by superior forces, revolutionary projects that came to naught, and promising organizations that went bad and fell apart internally. We understand this reaction and we lived topgether with them through many of these defeats. But one has to recognize defeat without being defeated. Pull out the thorn and let the wound heal. Like the "unarmed prophets" whom Machavelli ridiculed, social movements that refuse organization are not only useless but also dangerous to themselves and others.

__A. Negri y M. Hardt, en "Where have all the leaders gone?" (Assembly, London: Oxford Univ. Press, 2017, p7)