10 diciembre, 2017


...to this dream, a dream that I have, a dream that my brothers have, a dream that you have, a dream that we all have as people, and is just to be somebody. Because there is so many of us who are just dreaming to dream, because that's what you do, and everybody wants to be this, everybody wants to do this, everybody wants to make a change, wheter it be in art you know like fashion, cinema, all the cool stuff. People always want to be the next cool somebody, who'll be in the history books, you know what i mean. You grow up reading about  you know, Martin Luther King and the legacy he led, and you learn about the presidents man, and all that stuff dude, I mean it's cool, It's cool that people have proven that is possible, but when you look at the numbers its terrifiying 'cause so many people has failed and so few have succeded. And thats what saddens me the most, not the fact that statiscally it is scary but that success rate has caused people to turn their backs on the only thing that they give a fuck about. And that's the difference between most people and Brockhampton, we don't run from dreams, we live dreams, we make dreams, we see them through no matter what happens. We refuse to let fear dictate our future.

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